Australian Tattoo Statistics


In the past Tattoos in Australia were just for the young and the rebellious. These days you’d have to live under a rock not to notice an increasing number of ‘inked’ Australians and a vibrant growing community of tattoo artists (and tattoo removal clinics).

How many Australians have tattoos? What percentage of women have tattoos? What are the most popular types of tattoos? We have the answers and other interesting 2016 Australian tattoo statistics right here.

Enjoy our Tattoo’s in Australia: The Facts infographic!


lilyjacksonhair: 4 Tips for picking your perfect…


4 Tips for picking your perfect Hairstyle

It is important that you consult an experienced hairdresser to help you work out how you can adapt a style and colour to suit your look, lifestyle and budget.

Working with your natural beauty (see the tips below in our infographic) a well-trained hairdresser will be able to personalise an on-trend hairstyle that you might have thought was out… see the full infographic here!